4 Tips To Get Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The Budget and Bank

You may be shocked to learn that it can cost nearly £20,000 to hold a wedding in the UK. Think about all the things that go into this wedding – flowers, caterer, church, etc. All of it can place a huge financial burden on the couple – enough to focus on the reality of planning a wedding.

While many of these items wouldn’t cost as much, just the mere mention of “wedding” boosts the price and, with it, your budget.

Of course, you don’t have to spend “an arm and a leg” to get that dream wedding. Instead, with a little foresight and planning, you can reduce the costs and still have that wedding you’ve always dreamed of. It also means putting forth a little more effort.

1 – What’s Your Wedding Budget?

Before anything else is done – plans are made and things booked – you need to know how much money you can put toward the wedding without breaking the bank or going into debt. Each wedding is different, and the costs to them are also going to be different.

There are several tools you can use to help you know – on average – what the cost of your wedding is going to be. When you have a price in mind, you can create a list and determine what you can afford and what is worth doing without.

What things on that list are just “added features” and won’t negatively affect that happy moment? The parts of the wedding that are most important need to be place at the top. The things that are considered “extras” should be near the bottom.

2 – Be Creative

Oddly enough, some of the things you have on your list is something you and, with the help of friends and family, can be done without costing you a beaucoup amount of money. By being creative, you give your wedding a personal touch and save yourself money too.

You can create your own invitations, make the cake, handle decorations and even create party favours without any prior experience.

If you lack any inspiration on your own, check out Pinterest or do a little library or Internet research. There are a ton of ideas out there waiting to be plucked and used.

3 – Get Involved With The Forums

Another way to reduce the cost of your wedding while still getting the wedding of your dreams is to get involved with wedding-related forums. There a vast number of forums that you can partake in. Pick others’ brains to see what they have to say. Many of them are going to be in the same boat as you. They may come up with ideas you may have previously dismissed or overlooked.

Forums are great because they can be a worthwhile support network when you need them.

4 – Become Discount Smart

If your mission is to reduce the cost of your wedding but have the wedding of your dreams, you need to get money smart. Sign up on discount websites to attain voucher codes that allow you to save money on services you might need (or want). Whether it’s saving money on the flowers, catering or the church, you can save yourself a lot of money with vouches codes and coupons.

Regardless of how you secure the financing for that important day, the best thing to remember is to stay calm. Don’t let the stress overtake the excitement that comes with your new path in life.

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