Are You Wasting Money This Christmas?

Even the most seasoned saver will find that they have difficulty sticking to a strict Christmas budget. Whether it is a last minute Secret Santa present, traveling to families or some new decorations, many will find themselves spending more money than expected during the run up to Christmas.

To find out the attitudes towards money during the festive season a survey of 2000 brits was conducted their findings were turned into an infographic. When I was sent over the findings, I was a bit surprised to hear about how many people, particularly young people, were just throwing money away. Literally throwing money away.

Although hearing that not all people pick money off the ground isn’t surprising, finding out that 5% of young adults openly admit to throwing loose change in the bin instead of saving it and putting it in a piggybank is a bit strange. You’d be surprised how much money you could save by keeping hold of loose change.

Unsurprisingly contactless payments have preferred to cash payments. If the trend continues, the future could quite possibly be a digital currency with coins and cash being a thing of the past.

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