Could Money Be the Source of Your Happiness?

Over the years, a large debate is if money can be the source of your happiness. There are strong views on both sides of the spectrum. A popular thread on the question-and-answer site Quora reveals that there is a strong belief that money buys a person’s happiness.

Money is an instrument that one can use to buy items that gives them happiness for a short time span.

You’ll find in the Quora thread some individuals that agree – money is just an instrument to buy items that generate a feeling of happiness, for a short time. Then, there are others that go into great detail regarding how the preliminary goal diverts depending upon how much money one has.

So the question remains, is it true that money can be the source of your happiness? So, if no is the answer to this question, then how is it that those with money, for instance, Bill Gates, become so happy? Alternatively, could it be they are already just happy people since they are already wealthy?

Money should be viewed as nothing more than green pieces of paper that helps you minimize the stress in your life. You can now focus what can now bring happiness into your life. For example, if you are having financial problems and can’t buy your son or daughter a video game console for their upcoming birthday, this can make you very unhappy. However, if you do not have debt and can continually save money for this purchase or maybe even a vacation weekend to Disneyland, this will not just make you happy, but your entire family.

There is another point found in the thread. If you spend money on others, this could make you happy as well, even more so than if you spent it on yourself. Those memories of seeing others happy may account for longer and happier memories for yourself. You can think back to these moments whenever you’re feeling blue.

After assessing your current situation, take a moment to set attainable goals for yourself. In doing so, you can motivate yourself to an everlasting period of happiness. Take, for example, the following scenario:

  • Your situation: You bring in £1,500 a month. With this, you pay your debts each month, but still live pay check to pay check.
  • Your plan of action: It’s now time to minimize how much you spend. This will allow you to have excess funds to pay these debts off sooner.
  • Your attainable goal: Your result and goal is to be debt free.

Everyone has an opinion regarding what happiness truly is. Your happiness may lie in knowing you are 100% debt free. Owning your home outright could reduce stress since you know that you don’t have to move nor owe anyone anything. This may make you very happy and help ease your mind so you can focus on other things such as this Disneyland trip you’d love to take your family on. You would feel accomplished and be happy, all by attaining this one goal.


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