Could Your Home Save You Money?

Were you aware that by simple changes to your home, it could actually save you money? Of course that double insulation and energy efficient windows that were recommended to you is saving you quite a bit. However, there are still updates that can be made to your home that can save you a lot as far as your energy bill goes.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating has many benefits. Besides just opening up more space in your rooms due to not having those bulky steam radiators, they do save you money by reducing your energy usage. This heating system is input in the needed rooms and is linked to an automatic timer.

Radiators dispense heat upwards into the room. This heat then vanishes in a room after it rises. You then must leave the heat on much longer resulting in the radiator working harder as well. However, radiant floor heating is so great because it offers an even distribution of heat in your rooms. It can heat a room faster and keep it heated much longer than a standard radiator can. Before running out and having a radiant floor heating system installed, be sure to talk to a professional.

Install a Radiant Reflector

Now if you aren’t up to the task of installing radiant floor heating, another great option is to install a radiant reflective sheet. The heat is then reflected back into the room from your steam radiator and keeps the heat in there.

You can actually save approximately £65 a year on heating costs by installing a radiant reflector behind your radiators. The heat is pushed forward instead of upward, allowing you to have a warmer room and lower your thermostat at least one degree.

Turn Electrical Items Off

You may not have been aware, but electrical items still draw energy if plugged in. So, turning them off instead of having them set to sleep mode could reduce your bill by £43 to £80 each year. There are a few items, such as your recording devices to record your favourite shows and your routers for your internet service. However, standard items such as your televisions, microwaves, radio, kettles, and phone chargers need to be shut off at the outlet. This will save you plenty of money.

Seal Any Gaps in Your Home

Ensuring your home is draft free is the best way to insulate your home and save you money. You can keep your heat turned on for just a short time since it won’t easily escape. Do a good job of sealing your floorboards, doors, chimneys, and skirting boards. This will save you anywhere from £20-£30 a year.

Be Aware of Water Temperatures

Your water temperature can also increase your energy bill. When washing, 30° is ideal for clothing. Most clothes can be washed in cold water. When washing your dishes, use a sink full of water to rinse instead of running the water. This can save you £30 on your water bill. Put the water you will use in a kettle instead of filling it all the way up. And, finally, your family can save £25 a year on water and £15 each year on gas if you all replace a weekly bath with a shower.

If you currently implement a few of these savings tips, you are doing great in saving money already. As you can see, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg or invest much time to start, but they will save you so much in the future. It may take some time, roughly a year, for the savings to add up, but it will be relevant once it does.

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