Cutting the Costs of your Big Day

Despite a wedding being one the most exciting times of your life it can also come with huge financial strains that can make it feel a lot less fun then it should be.

As soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned, it seems as though costs can sky rocket and for often unnecessary reasons.

Getting to grips with the money matters before the planning begins is essential to ensure that your big day is the dream you wish it to be.

Working out the average cost of your Wedding is one way to see where you can start cutting back or even bargaining for a better deal. Keeping a spreadsheet of costs or using a wedding cost calculator can help you plan ahead.

Once you have a figure, its then time to battle with your budget.

Make a Plan

There will no doubt be some costs that can’t be cut such as registrar fees.

But make a list of everything you need for the wedding, from the stationary, to the flowers, to the transport, and put your estimated spend on each item.

Are there any items on here that you really don’t need?

Think about if these items are going to make a difference to your day, and if in the grand scheme of things it will matter if you don’t have some of these items.

It may sound a little cut throat to start scratching things off the list this early, but focusing your budget on what matters will ensure you can make your money go further in the long run.


The internet is full of inspired ideas about how you can cut costs on a wedding.

This article over at MoneySavingExpert is great for some advice on how to save money on the costs of your wedding.

Take your time to gather as many hints and tips as possible, and tackle one item from your plan every week.

Organising it in bite sized chunks will make you feel more at ease about the organisation process and give you the time needed to do your research.

Bargain Hunt

Rather than spending your money on the first things you see, be motivated to do your research and get the best possible deal.

Ask any friends or relatives if they have any suggestions, as recommendation discounts are often available. And as we all know, every penny counts.


Getting wedding thrifty is a huge trend that’s taken over as many brides decide to take things into their own hands rather than pay someone else.

If you’ve got a particular talent why not utilise this for your wedding and add a more personal, heart felt touch. And if you’re not the one with the skills, how about hiring a friend or family member instead.

Putting these pieces of advice together will soon bag you the wedding of your dreams, without the hefty price tag.

Get Financial Help

Despite all the savings that can be made, the average cost of a wedding is £20,983. That’s a huge amount of money to generate.

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