How Secure Are Your Online Finances?

Do you think your online finances are secure? You can learn what your credit score is, find out more info regarding online fraud, and how to detect potential security risks.

Determining if Your Online Finances are Secure

When you think about handling your everyday finances, it’s so easy these days. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can move your money anywhere it needs to go, check your account balance, and even pay your bills. However, have you thought about just how safe your personal data is over the internet? Have you wondered if you’re making it easy to become a victim of identity theft if your name were used to open an account or if they got access to all your money?

Identity theft is not only easy, but very common, more than you may know.

  • A debit card PIN number on the back of a receipt
  • A bank account statement shredded by hand in your garbage can
  • Your personal profile printed and thrown in the trash

These are only a few ways identity theft can occur and with technology, it will only get worse.

Every day, thousands are victims of this very crime. In 2013, identity theft cost the public over £3.7 million.

Are You A Victim Of Identity Theft And Not Know It?

Just like thousands of other people, you could be a victim of identity theft and have no clue. Many are clueless that their bank account has been wiped clean or that there are collection agencies looking for them to clear up a past due debt they are unaware about, until it is too late.

With enough info, a fraudulent person can easily pretend to be you. They can get a credit card, lines of credit, and more. You’ll find them shopping under your good name and personal details via catalogue mail orders using credit cards to pay for it.

Routinely Check Your Credit Report and Credit Score

The best way to verify if a line of credit has as you or your address used for such is to check your credit report and credit score often. If you’ve never found out your credit score or looked at your report, there is no better time than the present.

Your credit report and credit score are so important to lenders because it details how much debt you currently have and your history of paying them. It shows exactly the number of credit accounts you currently have as well as what has been closed. Checking your credit report shows you every credit account that you have, when you opened them, and who these accounts are with. So, if you don’t recognize a particular creditor, it’s important to contact them ASAP.

Check Your Credit History and Score Online

Now, it only takes a few moments of your time to check into your credit history and credit score online. You complete a few detailed questions to see the details of your personal credit file and then find out if you are the victim of fraudulent activity.

Your FICO credit score is important to track as well because these three numbers alone are what lenders use to determine if you qualify for their credit. Be sure to know your score before applying for any future line of credit. This gives you an idea if you will or will not be approved for the loan.

Now, if you do discover there is any fraudulent activity on your account, invalid information, or late payments, there are steps you can take to remedy these issues and get your score back up where it belongs.

Check Your Credit Report and Score Today to Prevent Being an Identity Fraud Victim

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and neither is always being secure online. Anyone is susceptible to being a victim of identity fraud, but there are things you can do before your bank account and good name are tainted beyond repair. It only takes moments to check your credit report to relieve the tension of not knowing. To receive further information visit us today.

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