How To Avoid Impulse Buying And Spend Less

We all have moments where we are more likely to buy items impulsively, but being aware of the most common impulsive moments will help you to curb the impulse and save yourself the guilt and problem of spending money you haven’t budgeted for.

There are five common times when you are more likely to purchase items on impulse which we have listed here for you.

Avoiding Crowds – There are many people who do not like shopping when they are certain that everyone else will be, so you chose to hit the stores when they open, but having the freedom to shop in peace also entices you to buy items you do not need on impulse.

Multiple bank accounts – When you open a new account the bank ‘rewards’ you with money, also having multiple accounts makes it easier to spend impulsively thinking you have the money in the other account, and negating our attempts to save.

Embarrassing necessity – When you have to purchase an item of necessity which is embarrassing its natural to grab a few other items which you feel will distract the other shoppers and the cashier, instead of grabbing items randomly, look for items you will need, which will save you some money later.

Down in the dumps and needing support – When you feeling down and have a tight budget it is easier to justify the impulse buying by looking for a gift for someone else than splurging on yourself and buying for someone else does make you feel better.

Buy Time – When you see a sign “spend a little time” you feel like you are buying time, which translates into buying the experience, making it easier to fall for this little sales gimmick and purchase the time or experience impulsively.

Now that you are aware of the areas which encourage impulse buying you can implement the subtle changes to your spending habits that will save you money in the long run.

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