How to earn extra money from home during Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak a lot of people will struggle for money.

Here are some good ways you can make some extra money not just while you are self isolating but for however long this goes on as more people than ever are stuck at home than ever.

Sell your Skills

Everyone has a skill, and in this modern age, there are more ways than ever to earn extra money from it. Maybe you are good at writing content or designing logos. Or perhaps your skills are music and video production. There are many market places that allow you to promote yourself and sell your skills.


Surveys have been the bread and butter for many people looking to earn money from home. The pay may not be fantastic however they are plentiful and you can earn a good few hundred pounds a month from this.

Data Entry

If you are fast on your fingers then Data Entry can be a great way to bring in some extra income while you are self-isolation. Data entry work is very easy to get started and typically involves working with word documents or spreadsheets as you enter information that is given to you in another format.

Offer Home Tutoring

With the education system becoming unstabilised due to the Coronavirus a lot of people are looking at how they can earn from home. There are a number of options here where you can make money. You could offer courses via Udemy if you could produce your own material and once that is made you have very little involvement as Udemy do all the promotion for you!

Consolidate Debts

Alchemy Money can also help with debt consolidation and secured and unsecured loans. For more information, read about our services here

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