How To Eat Well And Still Save Money

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest drains on our finances, but it’s not exactly something we can afford to cut out. There are however some simple ways you can still eat well without breaking the bank, including the following tips:

Plan ahead

This doesn’t just have to mean specific ingredients; why not go one further and plan your meals for the week. That way, you only buy exactly what you need in the right quantities and don’t end up wasting food – or money.

Never shop on an empty stomach

Particularly if you are buying in-store rather than online, the hungrier we are at the time, the more likely we are to be tempted by tasty but needless extra purchases.

Use coupons and discount codes

We’ve all heard of the extreme coupon craze that is sweeping the world and it’s absolutely true that if you take the time to hunt out current deals, such as these Waitrose discount codes, you can save loads over time.

Make things from scratch

It’s a misconception that fresh ingredients are always more expensive than buying pre-made meals. Buying in season is a good way to get more for your money, as is buying in bulk, allowing you to cook extra portions which you can freeze and use later, saving both time and money down the line.

Check current offers

A lot of us get into the habit of buying the same goods time and time again but by taking the time to hunt out what’s actually on offer at any given time, we could save ourselves some cash – and introduce more variety into our diet.

Try supermarket own brand goods

There’s no reason to be snobbish about our brands; as long as the quality is good there’s no reason why we should be paying extra simply for a name when the difference between the produce in many cases is virtually indecipherable.

Be wary of sales patter

We’ve heard them all a thousand times before: ‘buy one get one free’, ‘half-off’, ‘last chance to buy’. While sometimes these kinds of offers can indeed be a good deal, keep in mind that something is only ever a bargain if we need it. If it wasn’t something you wanted or needed in the first place, don’t feel tricked into buying it simply because it’s been reduced.

Grow your own

If you have a garden you could set up a fruit and veg patch, becoming partially self-sufficient. If you don’t have a garden, or quite simply like the idea of growing with a community, sign up for a plot at an allotment. This is not only practical financially, but an incredibly satisfying and rewarding achievement.

There you have it; some simple but effective ways to cut the cost of your groceries without depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy.

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