How To Make Extra Money Without Doing Extra Work

If you asked everybody whether they’d like to make extra money without doing any extra work for it, most people would jump at the chance.

We live in a sceptical age, and for good reason. There are a lot of scams out there. However, here are three ways you can make some extra residual money.

The Stock Market

One of the most widely known, yet sometimes misunderstood, ways of making residual money is through the stock market. Recent research shows that low-priced index funds tend to beat active investors time and again. Possibly the safest route is simply to “invest and hold”.

Select a plain, boring old fund and just keep on paying in, month after month. As your fund grows, so it should start to accumulate capital growth. If you have the self-discipline, keep on reinvesting these funds into an ever larger portfolio.

That said, broadly speaking most experts utilise the “4% rule” which simply specifies that based on historical stock market cycles you should be able to safely withdraw 4% of your funds each year without negatively impacting the overall capital volume. This means you’re likely going to need a considerable portfolio balance before you can live the good life on it.


Another classic example of residual income comes from buy-to-let property investments. Of course, managing properties can take time and effort, so if you’re looking for totally residual income it is wise to take on the services of a property manager.

A small number of property investment companies actually offer managed properties, taking all the hassle away from you.


While many small business owners work long, hard hours, business ownership can be turned into residual income with the right plan.

The goal is to start a business that, over time, can be taken over by your employees.

Classic examples of such businesses are those run to a specific formula, which can be taught to anyone. Catering and hospitality are two great examples. You can even fast-track your way to residual business income by investing in a management franchise where effective systems are provided on day one.

So as you can see, it’s possible to make extra money without extra work. You just need to be smart about how you do it.

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