How You Can Save Money Today By Transferring Your Credit Card To TSB

People with a TSB bank account are being given a chance to take advantage of an exclusive credit card offer.

People who sign up for the Platinum Purchase Credit card will be refunded the 1% balance transfer fee. It’s the bank’s way to help folks make money.

If transfers from other credit card providers are made within the first 90 days of an active Platinum Purchase Credit Card account, TSB is going to reimburse customers the fee so they don’t incur a cost for those balances being transferred.

The offer, which is set to reward switchers and spenders, also has a 0% interest offer for balance transfers and purchases for 13 months. This will allow people to use the card as they see fit.

TSB Head of Credit Cards, Craig Bundell said the offer is another way to kick start the competition in British banking. He said people want to manage their bank account and credit card at the same time, without costing them money to move their money.

There’s a representative 17.9% variable APR. Refunded balance transfer fees will be made within 60 days of the transfer. A minimum £100 balance transfer is required with a subjected credit limit.

The terms for this offer are as follows: Acceptance is based on an individual status. Interest rates and credit limits will vary based on the individual circumstances.

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