How making small changes to your routine can save you a heap of cash

Debt is a major cause of stress for many people. Statistics show that over one and half million homes in the UK have huge amounts of debt. There are many reasons for this but there is a relaxed attitude toward buying where if you can’t afford, you can just “stick it on the credit card”. This is a dangerous approach to buying and lending.

Fortunately, we have some tips that can easily apply to your everyday routine to help you avoid spending money unnecessarily.

Snacks – stopping at a coffee shop every day is a nice luxury but do you really need the extras with it, such as the cake? This is unhealthy and can work out expensive. Why not try taking a flask from home or even a bottle of water.

Non-branded products – another great way to save is by choosing more non-brand products when you shop. This will save you a heap of money each week and, honestly, you won’t notice a huge difference in the quality of the products you use.

Shopping – Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry, you’ll buy a lot of stuff you don’t really need. It’s always good to make, and stick to, a shopping list. Also, try cheaper supermarkets and see what you can buy there, then go on to your regular supermarket for the things you can’t get.

Meals out – choose takeaway with friends rather than a restaurant meal. Your food will be significantly cheaper and you’ll avoid all those expensive extras, such as starters and alcohol prices.

Gas and Electricity – Energy is expensive and it’s going to get more expensive.  All money invested in saving on your energy bill is money well spent.  Turning off lights when you’re not in the room is not penny pinching, it’s common sense and it’s being socially responsible.  Spend money on insulation and you’ll soon make up what you spend on reduced energy bills in the future.

Coupons and Gift Cards – Follow your favourite shops on social media and take advantage of the coupons and offers, alternatively try a site like My Voucher Codes if you’re shopping online. Remember though, although these sites offer some great discounts, they’re ones that should only be used if you need to spend the money anyway. Otherwise, you’re not saving money, you’re just spending it.

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