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Good money principles to acquire more wealth

Everyone wants to be rich, to have enough money to live and create their dream life without the need to work for someone else to make that money. But most people believe that it is only the very lucky who … Continue reading

4 simple steps to manage your money better

Here are 4 simple steps to manage your money better: 1) Find Solutions that Work Think to yourself, just for a second. What would your life be like if it were debt free? Or even if you just had some … Continue reading

Create money by writing academically

As a freelance writer, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of different writing styles and there are also a lot of writing tasks that require a foundation of academic knowledge as well. This includes, but is not … Continue reading

New Year New You, Get Your Savings On Track With A Savings Plan

Dave Ramsey says that personal finance is around 80% behaviour, so it is very important that you change your behaviour if you want to see any change with your financial history. What is a Saving Goal? Your budget will take … Continue reading

Your End Of Year Financial Health Check

1. How Much Money Have I Made This Year? Financial health check-up is key to financial success. Setting goals for the year ahead demands you know where you are right now. So ask yourself first of all: how much money … Continue reading

Top Tips For Saving Money This Christmas

The night is now closing in and the relaxing summer holidays are over. We all know that festive cheer is just around the corner and sleigh bells are already filling everyone up with joy. The problem is that if you … Continue reading

An Introduction To Hedging

If you are new to hedging then you will certainly have a lot to think about. Hedging may seem like a challenging idea but if you carry out everything properly then you will have a brilliant way to minimise any … Continue reading

Why You Should Invest Now To Reap The Benefits Later

There are a lot of people out there who are very keen on the idea of investing, but they keep putting it off because they find the whole process daunting or they just don’t know how to get the whole … Continue reading

Buying And Leasing Property Abroad. Is It That Complex?

Buying a house abroad is a great way to set up a home away from home – an escape abroad if you want a peaceful break every now and then. You could even rent it out when you’re not using … Continue reading